Frequently Asked Questions

Sublimation VS. DTF 

-Sublimation is pressed & dyed directly into the fiber of the shirt when pressed so the image is IN the shirt. Hence you can not feel the print at all. BUT you can only do it on light colors so the “dye” will show up.

DTF/screen prints (essentially the same thing) are pressed & adhered ON TOP of the shirt- also fab quality, but gives you ability to put it on ANYTHING. You can feel the print per se on the shirt where you can’t with sublimation, but I bet most shirts anyone has in their closet you can “feel” that there’s a print on top.

Both are amazing quality- the only thing that changes is the color of the shirt available to use! Screen printing & DTF is also a little brighter on the shirt since it’s going on top of it as well!

Everyone has a personal preference! I like to wear DTF out places if I’m going anywhere fun, but lazy days & hanging out I am always in sublimation!

What brand apparel do you use?

- Sublimation: gildan 50/50 unisex t shirts & sweatshirts

- DTF/screen - Bella or gildan softstyle unisex t shirts & gildan unisex sweatshirts 

My order is wrong/missing items- what do I do? 

- Don’t panic! We will make it right. Please use the chat feature located in the bottom corner on the website, facebook message us, OR email us at with all info so we can make it right for you! All items must be unwashed/unworn to be replaced. If items are missing we will get them out as soon as we can. We aim to respond within 24 hours, but please allow up to 48-72 hours for a response. 

What is TAT? 

- TAT is turnaround time. This is processing time for your order. TAT does not include shipping time, weekends, planned vacations, or major holidays. 

What is PBM’s TAT? 

- Our TAT is 16/18 BD beginning the Monday of the week AFTER ORDERING. (Ex: if you order on a Sunday- your TAT begins not the next day, but the NEXT MONDAY- 8 days after) this is because we order supplies on weekends & we don’t want TAT cutting into times when your supplies haven’t been ordered! 

TAT is always subject to change & may be different for different items- please look for different TATs on different items! 

Customer Service email: